• I think I've never seen a fanclub/fanbase/audience (or whatever you wanna call it) with so much sense of humor as John Frusciante's (and Chili Peppers') on tumblr... We love him and adore him at the same time that we laugh our ass off because of him (them)...
  • I really like you people! I have so much fun with your posts...

Stone Gossard of Mother Love Bone and Jason Everman of Soundgarden discuss their homosexual tendencies on tour. [x]

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Reblog if you still buy CD’s.

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mexican fru completed his transformation into a cat


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1) Coke, pepsi or water?

2) Mountain or Beach?

3) Music or Fashion?

4) Family or Friends?

5) Pop or Rap?

6) Physics or History?

7) The worst song by your favorite band.
umm there are some beatles’ songs i don’t like much… lady madonna, for example.

8) A song that you like by an artist you truly hate.
i can’t think about anyone, sorry

9) Who would you kill: Justin Bieber or Beliebers?
idk justin?

10) Top 3: books, movies
Books: Brave New World, Crime and Punishment, Christine
Movies: Edward Scissorhands, Harold and Maude, Back To The Future (Trilogy)

11) Choose 1 guitarist, 1 singer, 1 drummer and 1 bassist, and make THE BEST BAND EVER!!!
guitarist: john frusciante
singer: eddie vedder
drummer: dave grohl
bassist: flea

Anonymous asked:
do you have a favorite pearl jam member?

umm i love all of them equally (maybe i love stone a little more hehe)


concert tickets


money for concert tickets

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1. Are you happy today?
i am fine

2. The most touching song you know?
before the beginning by fru touches my soul

3. Stupid song you like anyway?

4. The best memory from childhood?
playing with my cousins

5. Two weird facts about you?
i never dyed my hair (some people think it’s weird)
my mind is hella weird

6. Song from your childhood?

7. Best quote you know?
"pagers are my life" by john frusciante

8. Favourite cartoon all the time?
Bobby’s World

9. Three things you REALLY hate?
racism, people lying to me, and coconut water

10. Person you admire? (why)
i admire everyone who have to handle with me

11. God or cat? (why)

i prefer the god of the cats aka john frusciante

I’m With You (Doofy edition)


Monarchy of Doofy

Factory of Doofy

Doofy’s Death Song


Annie Wants a Doofy

Look A-doofy

The Adventures of Rain Dance Doofy

Did I Let Doofy Know

Doofy Hooray

Happiness Loves Doofy

Doofy Station

Even you, Doofy?

Meet Doofy at the Corner

Doofy, Doofy, Doofy

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John ‘The Doofy Master’ Frusciante


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raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a boy

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